Are the concerts open to the public?

Yes! We welcome the public to our International Concert Series! Individual tickets are available at the door or you can purchase a series pass for all four concerts! Tickets are $20 general admission.

What playing level do I need to participate in the Summer Study Course?

SaubleGuitarFest welcomes players of all levels to paticipate in our friendly, supportive environment. The class has always been mixed, with everyone from the beginning learners to the emerging professional taking part. For those with little or no experience, we offer introductory lessons and ensembles through SaubleGuitarFest Outreach.

What music do I need to prepare in order to participate?

You should have at least one or two pieces/studies at your own level prepared so that you can get the most from your lessons. These can be pieces that you have worked on for a long time or pieces that you are in the process of learning.

What is the age range of the participants?

Guitarists of all ages are welcome! The age range has typically been from the young teen to the senior. There typically several adult performers, several University-level performers and some high-school aged performers in the class.

What is repertoire class?

This is a chance for participants to perform their pieces for one another in a supportive, encouraging environment. It is an opportunity to try out what you have learned in the lessons and classes, and to share your music. At the beginning of the class, particpiants will tell one of the GuitarFest staff of their intention to play and an order of performers is determined. Everyone who wishes to, then goes on stage and performs their piece... and then the audience claps! Because it is an incredibly rich learning experience, everyone is encouraged to attend, whether they play or not. You are never required to play, but by the end of the festival, there is usually barely enough time for everyone who wants to take a turn!

Will I have time to go to the Beach? YES!